147 Top Selling Grocery Items (The Ultimate List!)


Have you ever wondered what are the top selling grocery items that people can’t seem to get enough of? Well, you’re at just the right place because I’ve got a comprehensive list of the hottest grocery items that are flying off the shelves at convenience stores!

Whether you’re a foodie looking for some culinary inspiration or just curious about what others are buying, this list is packed with the most popular grocery products you need to know about. From pantry staples to tasty snacks and everything in between, get ready to discover the grocery must-haves.

This list has been carefully put together based on our thorough market analysis and data collected from various stores in the United States over the recent months.

So, let’s dive right in and explore the best items you can sell at your grocery store for maximum profits!

List of the Top Selling Grocery Items

Here’s a full categorized list of the top-selling grocery items:


grocery item bread
  1. Bread – A staple for sandwiches and toast.
  2. Bagels – Dense and chewy, perfect for breakfast or sandwiches.
  3. Croissants – Buttery and flaky pastries, ideal for breakfast or snacks.
  4. Muffins – Freshly baked in various flavors, great for breakfast or snacking.
  5. Donuts – Sweet and indulgent treats, a popular dessert or breakfast item.
  6. Cakes – Delicious baked desserts, available in various flavors and sizes, often enjoyed for celebrations and special occasions.

Dairy and Eggs

  1. Milk – Essential for drinking, cooking, and baking.
  2. Eggs – Versatile for breakfast, baking, and cooking.
  3. Butter – Creamy and flavorful, great for cooking and baking.
  4. Cheese – Assorted varieties including cheddar, mozzarella, and Swiss, for snacking and cooking.
  5. Yogurt – Creamy and probiotic-rich, available in various flavors and styles.
  6. Sour Cream – Tangy and creamy, a popular condiment and recipe ingredient.
  7. Cream Cheese – Smooth and spreadable, perfect for bagels and cheesecakes.
  8. Cottage Cheese – Soft and curdled, ideal for snacking and adding to salads.
  9. Milkshakes – Indulgent and creamy beverages made with milk, ice cream, and flavorings, perfect for a sweet treat.

Meat and Poultry

  1. Chicken Breast – Boneless and skinless, a versatile protein source.
  2. Ground Beef – Versatile for burgers, meatballs, and pasta sauces.
  3. Pork Chops – Juicy and flavorful, great for grilling and pan-frying.
  4. Bacon – Crispy and savory, a popular breakfast and recipe ingredient.
  5. Sausages – Assorted varieties like Italian, bratwurst, and breakfast sausages, great for grilling and cooking.
  6. Steak – Tender and juicy cuts like ribeye, sirloin, and filet mignon, perfect for special occasions.
  7. Ground Turkey – Lean alternative for healthier recipes.
  8. Ham – Sliced and cured, a classic deli meat for sandwiches and appetizers.
  9. Lamb – Flavorful and tender cuts, great for roasting and grilling.
  10. Salami – Cured and seasoned sausage made from fermented and air-dried meat, a popular choice for charcuterie boards or sandwiches.
  11. Meatballs – Savory and flavorful balls made from ground meat, spices, and breadcrumbs, commonly served with pasta or in sandwiches.


  1. Fresh Fruits – Assorted fruits including apples, oranges, berries, and bananas, for snacking and recipes.
  2. Fresh Vegetables – Assorted vegetables including carrots, broccoli, spinach, potatoes, onions, and tomatoes, for cooking and salads.

Canned Goods and Packaged Foods

  1. Pasta – Assorted shapes like spaghetti, penne, and macaroni, great for pasta dishes.
  2. Rice – Versatile grains like white, brown, and basmati, a staple in many cuisines.
  3. Cereal – Assorted varieties for breakfast or snacking.
  4. Noodles & Ramen – Versatile pasta-like strands or instant noodles often used in stir-fries, soups, or enjoyed as a quick meal.
  5. Flour – All-purpose flour for baking and cooking needs.
  6. Legumes – Nutritious and versatile protein-rich foods, including beans, lentils, and chickpeas, used in a variety of dishes.
  7. Sugar – Granulated sugar for sweetening beverages and baking.
  8. Salt – Essential for seasoning dishes.
  9. Cooking Oil – Vegetable, olive, or canola oil for cooking and frying.
  10. Canned Tomatoes – Diced, crushed, or whole tomatoes for sauces and stews.
  11. Canned Beans – Ready-to-eat options like black beans, pinto beans, and chickpeas.
  12. Canned Tuna – Packed in water or oil, versatile for salads, sandwiches, and casseroles.
  13. Canned Soup – Assorted flavors for quick and convenient meals.
  14. Peanut Butter – Creamy or crunchy, a beloved spread for sandwiches and snacks.
  15. Jam – Delicious fruit jams and spreads for toast, pastries, and desserts.
  16. Pickles – Tangy and crunchy, a classic condiment and snack.
  17. Canned Vegetables – Green beans, corn, peas, and more, perfect for adding to recipes.

Pantry Staples

grocery item spices herbs
  1. Spices – Assorted spices such as salt, pepper, cinnamon, and paprika, for adding flavor to dishes.
  2. Herbs – Fresh or dried herbs like basil, thyme, and parsley, for enhancing recipes.
  3. Vinegar – Various types like balsamic, apple cider, and white vinegar, for dressings and marinades.
  4. Soy Sauce – Salty and umami-rich, a key ingredient in Asian-inspired dishes.
  5. Hot Sauce – Spicy and flavorful, perfect for adding a kick to meals.
  6. Mustard – Classic condiment for sandwiches, dressings, and marinades.
  7. Ketchup – Sweet and tangy, a versatile sauce for burgers, fries, and more.
  8. Mayonnaise – Creamy and rich, ideal for sandwiches and dressings.
  9. Honey – Natural sweetener for beverages, baking, and drizzling over food.
  10. Oats – Versatile and nutritious, great for breakfast or adding texture to recipes.
  11. Nuts – Assorted varieties like almonds, walnuts, and cashews, perfect for snacking and baking.
  12. Dried Fruits – Apricots, raisins, cranberries, and more, great for snacking or incorporating into recipes.
  13. Pasta Sauce – Assorted flavors and varieties for quick and delicious pasta meals.


  1. Coffee – Ground coffee beans for brewing a hot cup of joe.
  2. Tea – Assorted varieties like black, green, and herbal teas, for hot or iced beverages.
  3. Soft Drinks – Carbonated beverages in various flavors and brands.
  4. Juice – Assorted fruit juices including orange, apple, and cranberry.
  5. Water – Bottled water for hydration on the go.
  6. Sports Drinks – Refreshing beverages for electrolyte replenishment.
  7. Beer – Refreshing alcoholic beverage made from fermented grains, commonly enjoyed socially or with meals.
  8. Wine – Elegant and sophisticated alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes, available in various types and flavors.
  9. Liquor – Distilled alcoholic beverages like vodka, rum, or whiskey, known for their potency and versatility in cocktails.

Snacks and Sweets

  1. Chips – Assorted potato and tortilla chips for snacking.
  2. Popcorn – Classic buttered or flavored popcorn, a popular snack.
  3. Crackers – Assorted varieties like saltines, wheat, and cheese crackers, perfect for pairing with cheese or dips.
  4. Cookies – Assorted flavors like chocolate chip, oatmeal, and peanut butter, great for treats.
  5. Chocolate – Milk, dark, or assorted chocolates for indulgence and gifting.
  6. Candy – Assorted candies and sweets for satisfying cravings.
  7. Chewing Gum – Flavored gum for freshening breath and satisfying the urge to chew.
  8. Nacho Cheese – Cheesy and tangy sauce for dipping chips or drizzling over dishes.

Frozen Foods

  1. Frozen Pizza – Various flavors and styles, perfect for a quick and delicious meal.
  2. Frozen Vegetables – Convenient options like peas, corn, and mixed vegetables.
  3. Frozen Fruit – Assorted fruits for smoothies, desserts, or snacking.
  4. Ice Cream – Assorted flavors and varieties, a popular frozen treat.
  5. Frozen Meals – Ready-to-eat options like frozen dinners, burritos, and chicken nuggets.

Household Essentials

grocery item tissues
  1. Toilet Paper – Soft and essential for everyday use.
  2. Paper Towels – Absorbent and versatile for cleaning and spills.
  3. Facial Tissues – Gentle and convenient for nasal hygiene.
  4. Laundry Detergent – Effective and fragrant, a must-have for clean clothes.
  5. Dish Soap – For handwashing dishes and keeping them spotless.
  6. Cleaning Spray – Versatile and effective for cleaning various surfaces.
  7. Trash Bags – Sturdy and reliable for disposing of household waste.
  8. Lightbulbs – Various wattages and types for illumination.
  9. Aluminum Foil – Versatile for wrapping, covering, and storing food.
  10. Plastic Wrap – Handy for preserving freshness and covering containers.

Personal Care and Health

  1. Toothpaste – For maintaining oral hygiene and fresh breath.
  2. Toothbrush – Essential for daily dental care.
  3. Shampoo – For cleansing and nourishing hair.
  4. Conditioner – For softening and moisturizing hair.
  5. Body Wash – Gentle and refreshing for bathing.
  6. Hand Soap – Essential for hand hygiene.
  7. Deodorant – For odor protection throughout the day.
  8. Shaving Cream – For a smooth and comfortable shave.
  9. Cosmetics – Beauty and personal care products, including makeup, skincare, and fragrances, to enhance one’s appearance and confidence.
  10. Feminine Hygiene Products – Tampons, pads, or menstrual cups, as per individual preference.
  11. Pain Relievers – Over-the-counter options for headaches, muscle pain, and fever.
  12. Bandages – Assorted sizes and types for covering wounds.
  13. Vitamins – Essential for supplementing daily nutrient intake.
  14. Sunscreen – For protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.

Home and Kitchen

  1. Dishwasher Detergent – Effective for clean and spotless dishes.
  2. Cookware – Pots, pans, and baking sheets for cooking and baking needs.
  3. Utensils – Cutlery, spatulas, and kitchen gadgets for food preparation.
  4. Food Storage Containers – For storing leftovers and meal prepping.
  5. Disposable utensils – Convenient single-use cutlery made from materials like plastic or compostable materials for easy cleanup.
  6. Garbage Bags – Durable and reliable for household waste disposal.
  7. Bath Towels – Soft and absorbent for everyday use.
  8. Bed Sheets – Comfortable and cozy for a good night’s sleep.
  9. Pillows – Soft and supportive for a restful sleep.
  10. Air Freshener – For keeping rooms smelling fresh and inviting.
  11. Cleaning Tools – Brushes, sponges, and mops for maintaining a clean home.
  12. Garden Seeds – Assorted flower or vegetable seeds for gardening enthusiasts.

Pet Supplies

  1. Pet Food – Assorted dog or cat food for furry friends’ nutrition.
  2. Pet Treats – Delicious snacks for rewarding pets.
  3. Pet Toys – Interactive toys for keeping pets entertained.
  4. Pet Litter – For maintaining a clean litter box for cats.
  5. Pet Shampoo – For keeping pets clean and fresh.

Baby and Infant

  1. Baby Diapers – Disposable or cloth diapers for babies.
  2. Baby Wipes – Gentle and convenient for diaper changes.
  3. Baby Formula – For infant nutrition.
  4. Baby Food – Assorted flavors and varieties for transitioning to solid foods.

Electronics and Entertainment

grocery item batteries
  1. Batteries – Assorted sizes for powering devices and appliances.
  2. Phone Chargers – Essential for charging mobile devices.
  3. Power banks – Portable battery charger for charging devices on the go.
  4. DVDs/Blu-rays – Assorted movies and TV series for entertainment.
  5. Video Games – Popular games for various gaming consoles.
  6. Earphones/Headphones – For private and high-quality audio experiences.


  1. Greeting Cards – For various occasions and celebrations.
  2. Gift cards – Convenient prepaid cards that can be used as a monetary gift at specific retailers or establishments.
  3. Gift Wrapping Paper – Assorted designs for wrapping gifts.
  4. Candles – Fragrant and decorative for creating a cozy ambiance.
  5. Party Supplies – Balloons, streamers, and decorations for celebrations.
  6. Charcoal – For grilling and barbecues.
  7. Ice cubes – Frozen water used to cool beverages or preserve food freshness.
  8. Flowers – Beautiful and fragrant blooms, often given as gifts or used for decoration in various settings.
  9. Newspapers – Printed publications containing news, articles, and features, providing information and entertainment to readers.
  10. Cigarettes & tobacco – Products containing tobacco, typically rolled in paper, for smoking purposes.
  11. Lighter/Matches – For igniting candles, stoves, or grills.
  12. Postage Stamps – For sending letters and packages.
  13. Whiteboard Markers – For writing and drawing on whiteboards.
  14. Notepads – For jotting down notes and reminders.
  15. Pens – Assorted pens for writing and everyday use.
  16. Tape – Clear or masking tape for various purposes.
  17. Scissors – For cutting paper, packaging, and more.

Please note that the list above may not include all the best selling grocery items in every region. The availability of items can vary based on factors like location and market demand.

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Tips for Selling Grocery Items

Milk and dairy products are among the top-selling items in grocery stores. These products are strategically placed deep within the store to encourage customers to explore and potentially purchase other items along the way, boosting overall revenue.

Daily essentials like bread, dairy, and pasta are in high demand as they are consumed regularly. These products have a high revenue potential due to their consistent sales. On the other hand, products such as skincare items, dental care products, hair care items, detergents, and salt are purchased less frequently as people tend to have a stock at home and use them gradually.

• The size and location of a grocery store play a significant role in product sales. Some stores position themselves as “family” grocery stores, while others cater more to the convenience needs of customers looking for quick purchases on their way to work or home. This distinction influences the sales of different products. Family stores tend to sell more household cleaners, canned food, and toilet paper, while quick-stop stores have higher sales of soft drinks, soda, bread, milk, and snacks.

• The popularity of certain products in a grocery store is also influenced by the demographic composition of the surrounding neighborhood. For example, a store located in a neighborhood with a strong Italian immigrant population may sell more pasta, canned tomatoes, and olive oil. Similarly, a store in an area with a significant Japanese community may see higher sales of fresh fish, rice, or pickled ginger. Understanding the preferences of your store’s frequent customers can help tailor product offerings to their needs.

• Another crucial factor is the presence of nearby stores and the level of competition they pose. Analyzing the surrounding market and identifying products with less competition can be advantageous for driving sales.

• The specific location and store profile also impact product popularity. Different types of products will resonate with customers at convenience stores compared to medium and large supermarkets.

• Utilizing larger shopping carts can subconsciously encourage customers to believe they have more room in their budget and potentially spend more.

• For new products, offering free samples near the items can generate interest. For example, pairing a new cheese with a popular cracker or providing samples of homemade bread with a vegetable dip can attract customers and encourage purchases.

Periodically changing the location of popular items can create a sense of exploration for motivated shoppers. By making them search for these items, they are more likely to notice and potentially purchase other products, stimulating impulse buys.

• Allocating end-of-aisle kiosks or dedicated sections within an aisle to group ingredients for a recipe or meal can enhance the convenience factor and in turn, sales. For instance, placing spaghetti, sauce, dressing, croutons, Parmesan cheese, and Italian bread together can inspire customers with the idea of a convenient and delicious meal.


In conclusion, this list of top selling grocery items has given us a valuable insight into what people are buying and consuming in today’s market. From everyday essentials like bread, milk, and eggs to indulgent treats like chocolate and ice cream, it’s clear that our tastes and needs vary widely.

It’s also fascinating to see how certain items remain timeless favorites while others reflect changing trends and dietary preferences. By staying attuned to these consumer choices, we can better understand our own shopping habits and make informed decisions in the future.

So next time you head to the grocery store, keep an eye out for these popular items and perhaps discover a new favorite of your own. Happy shopping!

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