Top 10 Ways to Get Paid to Answer Questions Online

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Did you know that you can get paid to answer questions online?

The era of the internet has made it really easy to make money. There are so many jobs that don’t even need you to give in much of your time or even have any qualifications. Yet, in your spare time, you’re able to earn extra bucks.

The sites I have listed below too are just like that. Even though you need to have a knowledge base in a certain field, you don’t have to give all day to provide paid answers to the questions posted on the site. You go about it casually, and one day you’ll see extra money coming in from nowhere!

What is the best part about earning extra pocket money by answering questions on these websites? Look at it this way – you are giving very little time for signing up there and give hardly a few minutes to a couple of hours to these sites. You have nothing to lose, and you’re earning money by simply doing something you love and have knowledge about.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? As your future demands you to fill up your bank accounts as much as possible, these little perks are a lot more helpful than they seem to be. 

So, let me show you the sites that let you answer questions for money.

Top 10 Websites That Pay You to Answer Questions Online

There are plenty of websites out there that let you make money by answering questions online. While some of them need you to have an area of expertise, others pay you for even asking a question. 

Some sites earn their money from those users asking the questions, while others earn through Google AdSense. Either way, if you want to answer questions for money, you have tonnes of options to choose from. You can make your choices depending on your area of expertise, availability, mode of payment and the amount you want to earn.

Out of the lot, I’ve shortlisted the 10 best of these kinds of websites. Let’s begin!

1. Just Answer

just answer

This is the most popular site to make money answering questions online. You need to be an expert in any one out of 175 categories they make you choose from. You might have a degree or certificate in at least some field – choose one, provide some verification, and become a paid expert.

So, you do need to have some proof regarding your expertise. However, this site is one of the highest payers, which is why I have put it on top of the list. 

How Does It Work?

They pay a minimum of $20 at a time. Users generally pay a certain amount of money to obtain answers to their questions. In return, not only do they get answers but also a virtual appointment with you or any other expert.

You’ll get 20-50% of the profits that Just Answer gets, depending on your reliability and popularity on the site. You can get money on PayPal as well as Amazon Gift Cards worth $50.

2. PrestoExperts


This is another site where you are a freelance expert. It is similar to Just Answer, where you need to validate your profile and select an area of expertise. Here, you’ll have real clients of your own whom you can consult as an advisor or simply answer their queries.

There are around 600 different categories to choose from. So far, this site already has more than 30,000 experts from their respective fields.

How Does It Work?

Here, you get to charge your own rates. So, there is no fixed amount. You are pretty much your own boss here and can set your rate per minute based on your competitors and demand. The average rate of experts on this site is $2 per minute.

Usually, you get paid through PayPal; else, you can also get a cheque. The rates are charged from the client and you will be answering them either on phone or via live chat.

3. LiveAdvice


This site works a bit differently, though the basic details are the same. You need to be an expert in at least one field, and here you answer people on the spot.

You’ll get clients of your own here too, and the profile you set up needs to be validated by your personal details. This website mostly deals in life-related topics and categories and requires you to be an expert in one of those.

How Does It Work?

After you sign up and create your profile, users can see your pricing, reviews and then select from a broad range of advisors. Sellers can offer text-based advice or via phone on a per-minute basis.

You need to set your own rate per minute, depending on your competitors and demand. LiveAdvice charges a whopping 43% commission on your earnings and pays you via direct bank account transfer or cheque.

4. Experts 123


This site works a bit differently but can make you good money. You are free to either provide just answers, or you can write articles in order to get paid to answer questions online. Firstly, you need to register with the site, create your profile, and choose your area of expertise from a variety of fields.

You don’t have to necessarily answer live. You’re free to take time and answer whatever question suits you. Depending on the popularity of your answers, you’ll get paid.

How Does It Work?

Users asking questions do not pay for doing so here. The site earns its money through ads and pays you your share of money for the answers you provide. If you write articles, there’s a plus point that you might get a good following – getting more clients to write paid articles.

You can earn anything between $10-$120 per article, depending on the following you gain. Experts 123 pay their experts through PayPal.

5. Maven

This site is quite similar to LiveAdvice, where you make money as a consultant to your own clients. You create your profile based on your area of expertise. This is more of a platform than a mere phone number. So, you answer questions online more than attending calls.

Another reason why I listed this site is that you’ll also get to answer surveys and other similar research forms and get paid for those too.

How Does It Work?

When a user sends his or her question, Maven scans through the list of experts they think will be able to answer it. Based on their shortlisting, you’ll get various requests from where you can answer. Users need to pay you for the answer you provide them from where Maven will take a commission from you.

You need to charge your hourly rate based on the demand and competition here. The payment is made via cheque.

6. 6ya


Through this site, you get paid to answer questions over calls only. You need to create your profile first, after which you can choose from over 600 different categories as your area(s) of expertise. Your number, along with the profile, is listed for users accordingly.

You are free to schedule the timings when a person can call you. A drawback of this site is that it works only in the US, not other countries.

How Does It Work?

The system of payment here is completely different and fixed. You are paid per call, provided it exceeds one minute. For every call that exceeds a minute, you get $3. So, if you attend ten calls in a day, each for only 2 minutes, you’ve earned 30 bucks in a day.

6ya pays its experts using direct deposit. Hence, you don’t need to create any separate account to receive your payments.

7. AskWonder


Wonder or AskWonder is a site where you have research-based questions. You can choose to be a part of this community either as a researcher or as an answer writer. Both are paid for their respective jobs. At a time, you can take on a project on this site.

I personally love this site for two reasons – firstly, you do not need a specific area of expertise as you don’t need to answer live. Secondly, you don’t just make money answering questions online, but also by asking them.

How Does It Work?

If you register as a researcher for asking questions, your English and reasoning skills will be tested first. Once you pass, you can conduct surveys or ask queries. You can earn anything between $8-20 an hour.

On the other hand, the ones who answer get to sign up quickly and can earn between $15-18 an hour, provided the researcher is satisfied with the answer. You’ll receive your payment through PayPal.

8. HelpOwl


If you shop a lot online, this is an excellent site for you. I would love to tell you that you neither have to choose one area of expertise; nor do you have to fill out a complicated online application form. In fact, you can earn even if you ask questions!

This website helps you earn for doing three things – answering questions, asking questions, and reviewing companies. Each of them will give you points that later convert into meaningful rewards.

How Does It Work?

If you ask a question, you earn 50 points. For answering a question, you can make anything between 10-1000 points. This completely depends on the quality and popularity of your answer. For reviewing a company, you earn 750 points right away.

The above points are redeemed either in the form of Amazon Gift Cards or Walmart Gift Cards. So, you can shop online from these sites, but there aren’t any direct cash rewards.

9. StudyPool


This is more of an online tutorial site. You are giving paid answers to questions, but the audience you cater to are school students trying to finish their homework or looking for online tutors. You can be a college student or a working professional with expertise in any one out of hundreds of subjects.

Based on your profile details and area of expertise, you’ll get questions from students. This site has been popular among school students who need help with their academics.

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How Does It Work?

You need to charge for every answer you provide. The students need to pay you if they want an answer from you. Study Pool looks after the payments being made, thus taking its cut from your earnings on the site.

You need to have an account on PayPal, as that is the only way they pay their experts. The topmost earners have earned as much as $100,000 over a period of their presence on this site.

10. Coinbase


Do you have a cryptocurrency wallet? If not, then create an empty one, and instead of investing in it, earn it separately from this site! The similarity lies in the way this site works – you need to have expertise in one of the categories provided by them.

Researchers, recruiters, and companies will start sending you questions based on your profile. You can answer them through email or directly from the platform.

How Does it Work?

You need to have a Bitcoin wallet, as that is the cryptocurrency in which you’ll be paid. That wallet could even be empty; all you need is a valid address to receive the cryptocurrency. You can even get a wallet through Coinbase itself.

What I liked about the site the most is that you can even take-up small tasks, participate in quizzes, and watch videos to fill up your Coinbase wallet.

Other Types of Sites Where You Can Answer Questions for Money

Apart from the above-listed sites that ask knowledge-based questions that have specific correct answers, you also have some types of websites that do not have any such requirement.

I am referring to survey sites. A survey asks you multiple questions that you answer based on your own choices or opinions. The plus point of signing up through these sites is that there is no right or wrong answer to these types of questions – you tell them what you think or do.

Some of the popular sites where you get paid to answer questions of a survey are:

  • Swagbucks: Providing $5-10 a day for filling up surveys.
  • Survey Junkie: You can earn approximately $100 a month.
  • Pinecone Research: This is another popular site that pays at least $3 for testing products from home.
  • YouGov: They aren’t very big payers as you’ll get $50 in 6 months.
  • Inbox Dollars: A survey gives you anywhere between $0.25-5.
  • My Points: This is owned by the same company as Swagbucks, paying $50 a week.
  • Ipsos i-Say: This is more for online shoppers who are happier receiving gift cards.
  • Mindswarms: This site gives the opportunity of answering video surveys for up to $50 per survey. Each video survey does not take more than a minute.

Interesting, isn’t it? A true example of earning money without any qualification. You can even be a college student if you wish to make money through these sites.

How Much Money Can You Make Answering Questions Online?

There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn only by answering questions. When you sign-up on these sites for providing paid answers, you are seen as an expert by the users who are asking the questions to you.

So, you are more of a consultant or a tutor to the clients who pay for your answers or follow you. While some sites will look for your area of expertise, you also have some websites that need literally nothing.

Even if you choose any one site where you can answer questions for money, you can earn at least $20 in a day. So, that will give you an extra $500-600 in a month.


Since none of the above sites take a lot of your time, you can easily opt for multiple sites to answer questions for money. From the above 10, there are some sites that don’t need you to be a complete expert. You can earn by asking questions or answering them at your convenience.

On the other hand survey sites are a lot more luck-based, attending to questions that have specific answers, have much more opportunity for you to earn pocket money.

Nevertheless, you can choose both types of sites for earning extra money online. After all, we usually do have at least 3-4 hours in a day that is meant for our leisure. You can easily give at least half an hour to any two or more sites where you can answer questions and get paid at your own convenience.

However, I’d recommend you to not leave your full-time job, business, or studies to become a participant in these sites. They are not meant for full-time earning in any way. Hence, you need to take out time to be a part of any of the above communities.

So, out of all the sites that we just went through that pay you to answer questions online, can you name the ones that appeal to you the most? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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