Get Paid to Get Tattoos on Your Body! Best Ways for Free Tattoos

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Do you get tattoos on your body and pay for them just because you love getting them?

Well, what if I told you that the opposite of that is possible – you can get paid to get tattoos on your body? Yes, that’s right! However, the only difference here would be that the design is going to be the payer’s choice.

Now you might be wondering – who will pay you to get a tattoo? Let me give you a hint – the tattoo design would usually be a logo or a company’s slogan. Are you getting an idea of where I’m heading with this?

In a sense, you’re making your body a medium of advertising for brands.

Do you know what the best part about this is? You don’t have to get that needle hurting body art permanently. It can be a temporary one! That way, you don’t have to move around with a company logo for the rest of your life – it’s just a matter of a few days or probably months.

What is Skinvertising?

A play on the words skin and advertising, Skinvertising is the act of placing advertisements on visible parts of a person’s skin, usually their face, hands, back, arms, etc. in return for compensation. The advertisements are usually for companies that pay you to display adverts of their products or services on your body for a certain amount of time.

People who make money by this method are called Skinvertisers or in easier terms, human billboards. The tattoo can be permanent or temporary depending on the deal agreed upon by both parties.

Free Ways to Get Paid to Get Tattoos

Tattoo advertising has become a popular and creative way of promoting brands. People who are ready to lend any part of their body for advertising are usually paid a good amount by brands – whether it’s temporary or permanent.

The most popular site that provides you with body advertising jobs is This website has specially been created for tattoo advertising.

How Does LeaseYourBody Work?

Believe me, this site is not a scam and is totally legal. When you create your profile, you need to provide details such as – where you can get a tattoo and for how long, your location, price, etc. You’ll soon have companies bidding to get their logos or slogans on your body.

It’s completely your choice which offers you want to accept in the end. The brands will give the design they want on you along with the prize or money that they offer in return. The tattoos can be temporary or permanent.

Most participants charge between $200-$1500, depending on various factors.

Keep in mind though that you don’t really get all the money the brand bids. The website takes 30% of your earnings for providing you with the opportunity.

The expense for getting that tattoo could be either on you or the brand. So, if you really want to get free tattoos done, then include that in your agreement.

This brings us to the conclusion that the only expense from your end on this site will be LeaseYourBody’s commission.

Other Sites to Get Paid for Tattoo Advertising

While LeaseYourBody is a site specializing in tattoo advertising, there are other online money-making sites where you can find more opportunities. I love the following platforms where you can get paid to advertise on your body:


This is one of the most popular C2C (Customer to Customer) eCommerce platforms. It allows you to remotely sell products and services across the world. This provides a perfect platform for you to get paid to advertise on your body.

andrew fischer tattoo

A man called Andrew Fischer got $37,375 from Green Pharmaceuticals for advertising temporarily on his forehead. This is something he could achieve using eBay, so you can imagine the scope of this site.

karolyne smith forehead goldie goldenpalace tattoo

In the same year, another woman by the name Karolyne Smith auctioned off her forehead to a Canadian gambling company – The permanent tattoo featured the website’s address for which “Forehead Goldie”, as she was popularly known, was paid a whopping $10,000.


Another popular online listings site where you can set up free ads for getting body advertising jobs. You can pretty much buy, sell and advertise anything on this site.

Craigslist is extremely popular and gets a huge amount of traffic every month. Sign up is free here but they charge 5% of sales as commission. You’re more likely to get offers from local businesses here though.


This is a marketplace for selling marketing-based services, including tattoo advertising. Just state where you can get the tattoo done, whether it will be temporary or permanent, and the minimum amount you’ll charge. However, do note that they’ll take a 20% commission from you, so quote your charges accordingly.

News Sites and Social Media

If you don’t have a profile on any of the above sites yet, consider looking for offers posted by brands on social media or news sites. They keep an open contest or events where they mention their own specifications of the kind of body art they want and the reward they’ll offer.


Here are a few commonly asked questions about making money by getting tattoos –

How To Get a Free Tattoo As Well as Get Paid for It?

Here’s something I need to clarify – the person who is paying you is the brand owner or advertiser, not the artist who’s going to draw the tattoo on you.

This is why I said earlier too – when you’re finalizing a tattoo advertising offer, you need to clarify who will be bearing the expense of getting the tattoo.

Say, for example, you get $1000 for getting a temporary tattoo on your arm for 30 days. And, if making the tattoo costs $30, you’ll have to discuss these payment terms with the company. Will you be paying the money from the reward you get or will you be given the money separately?

The best thing to do here is to mention in your profile beforehand – you will not be bearing the expense of the tattoo from the money you receive. In other words, the prize money does not include the money you spend on getting the tattoo.

Sometimes, if your contract is with a local business, you might be sent to their own artist too.

This is how you can get free tattoos done as well as get paid for them.

How Much Can a Tattoo Model Get Paid?

The example I gave you about Andrew Fischer is one of the highest earnings anyone has made out of body art advertising. I’ll give you some more cases to give you a brief idea of the scope:

  • Dominos had once run a contest where it offered people to get a permanent tattoo of their logo. In return, they would get 100 pizzas a year for 100 years! That’s like free pizzas for a lifetime!
  • Air New Zealand offered 30 people to get a temporary tattoo at the back of their shaved heads. In return, you could either get $777 in cash or a round-trip ticket to New Zealand worth $1200.
  • Red Sun Cigarettes, a tobacco company from New York challenged people to draw a tattoo of their bright red and yellow sun logo on their bodies. Contestants were paid $1500 for regular participation while more dedicated participants took home a cool $3000. The winning entry got $5000!
  • offered 10 men and women to make temporary tattoos on their eyelids and wink at 1000 strangers. This tattoo was of their company’s web address. In return, they were paid $150 each.

There is another man who has had 15 logos as permanent tattoos on his body and has earned $200,000 for those in total!

Here’s the Conclusion I Could Draw From the Above Cases:

Temporary tattoos cost lesser than permanent tattoos. The part of your body where you get the tattoo matters – the more visible parts like your forehead will cost a lot more than the usual parts like hands.

It’s all about how much you’re willing to advertise their brand in the end. If you get the body art on your stomach or back, you’ll still have to show it. That’s why they’ll cost more. Nobody likes to tattoo their faces or shave their heads. So, you get paid more to get tattoos there.

On the other hand, your arms are the most common area where you would usually get a tattoo. Areas like your eyelids or feet are more difficult to be made visible in public. Hence, these tattoos will cost less.

If I were to give you an approximate amount, I’d say that temporary tattoos in regular parts of the body will pay you less than $1000. However, a permanent tattoo or getting a temporary one in an unusual area can pay you $10,000 or more per tattoo.

Things to Remember If You Want to Get Paid to Get Tattoos on Your Body

Now, in the end, if this seems like an interesting way for you to earn some good money on the side, you need to be careful about a few things. Do you want to enjoy the entire prize money that the brand provides? Or, you’re ok with incurring expenses and keeping the profit?

Do you want to do this just once? Or are you considering doing this again and again?

You need to be clear about a lot of things. Tattoo advertising is not a game. Brands are paying serious money even for temporary tattoos. Therefore, if you want to get paid to get tattoos, consider the following things seriously before getting into an agreement:

  • Be clear on where you can get the body art. If you’re not comfortable getting it done on places like your forehead or stomach, reject the offer.
  • Try to negotiate a deal to get a free tattoo. This means that the tattoo artist’s expenses should be borne by the brand. Do not pay them out of your prize money.
  • If you’re doing it as a one-time thing, look for contests on news sites or social media sites instead of creating an account on listing sites.
  • On the other hand, if you want to do this for a long period of time, it is better to create an account on sites like LeaseYourBody or eBay. Paying them commission will be affordable if you’re doing it over a long period and making good money.
  • Before you get the body art, be sure you know the brand that’s paying you. People will ask you questions when you go out displaying your free tattoo. You should be able to answer their queries.
  • If you’re getting a permanent tattoo, choose your preferred artist, an area of your choice, and a sizable amount as your reward.

And always remember, you are free to reject offers that do not accept all your terms.

So, how would you like to try to get paid for getting tattoos on your body? Let me know your experience or questions in the comments below!

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  1. I been getting tattoos my whole life and if I would have known about this 10 years ago I would have been on the sign up list along time ago.. my body is open for business contact me with offers and let’s put some lucky companies name to my skin.. I’m ready..


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